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Broadly, Audit involves the following :

  Indepth study of existing systems, procedures and controls for proper understanding. Suggestions for improvement and strengthening.
  Ensuring compliance with policies, procedures and statutes.
  Comprehensive review to ensure that the accounts are prepared in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Policies and applicable Accounting Standards/IFRS.
  Checking the genuineness of the expenses booked in accounts.
  Reporting inefficiencies at any operational level.
  Detection and prevention of leakages of income and suggesting corrective measures to prevent recurrence.
  Certification of the books of account being in agreement with the Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Account.
  Issue of Audit Reports under various laws.

Types of Audits conducted

  Statutory Audit of Companies.
  Tax Audit under Section 44AB of the Income Tax Act, 1961.
  Audit under other sections of the Income Tax Act, 1961 such as 80HHC, 80-IA, etc.
  Concurrent Audits.
  Revenue Audit of Banks.
  Branch Audits of Banks.
  Audit of PF consultant in ahmedabad Trusts, Charitable Trusts, Schools, etc.
  Audit of Co-operative Socities.
  Information System Audit.
  Internal Audits.

There are various different types of audit which are essential for you to understand, in order to let your company function smoothly. Auditing is a process of inspecting the company’s accounts. When an audit is carried out, the person who carries auditing (known as Auditor) can identify of any ongoing or previous frauds that may have taken place within the company. There are several cases where an employee of the company does perform fraud and digests the hard earned money of company. In order to protect the company from such fraudsters, it’s essential to carry out auditing on timely basis.

Auditing also helps the concerned and authorized governments to identify, whether or not the company is honestly paying taxes. Through the government appointed auditors and through various different governments’ audit processes; the government can easily identify any kind of potential public fraud. Whether such fraud is currently under process or whether it has already happened; whether the fraud took place in any public limited company or private limited company; the auditing process detects everything. So, if you are looking for Auditing in Ahmedabad; feel free to contact us as per your convenience. Our team shall lead you and your company in the correct direction.

Before any unfavorable incident takes place in your company, we advise you to get in touch with one of our expert auditors and they shall guide you with the entire auditing process. Our auditors are highly experienced with more than sufficient knowledge and a large network. The relationship of our company, our employees and our large clientele together forms a team. So, whether your company’s problem is large or small; easy or complex; simply give us a call. The professionals from Shah Patel Shukla & Associates will guide you with everything you need to know. If you are looking for professional Auditing in Ahmedabad; then simply relax and trust our experts.

We at Shah Patel Shukla & Associates not only deliver auditing services, but also deliver consultancy services related to Provident Fund. We are one of the leading PF Consultants in Ahmedabad with a large client base spread across Gujarat. We just don’t speak, we make things happen for our clients, and that too practically at implementation stage. Any issues related to provident funds for the employees of your company will be easily solved by us, because our network amongst private sector, corporate bodies, government sector and amongst our clients is strong. That’s the reason we deliver this service as a PF Consultant in Ahmedabad with complete confidence.

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