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Corporate Governance Services

In every nation across the world, the government of the concerned nation gives tax benefits to certain individuals and businesses. These tax benefits are also known as ‘subsidy’ or ‘exemption’ in technical language of financial industry. The point is that how many companies or individual benefit from such government schemes. Does the tax collected by various governments reach to the end user i.e. individual citizens of companies? In some countries like India, only the large corporate fetch all the benefits. Due to rapidly increasing corruption in the country, small scale business owners and medium scale enterprises never get the benefits announced by the concerned state governments or central government. That’s where our entry in the companies takes place. We are a group of experienced accounting professionals, talented lawyers, multi-skilled chartered accountants and financial experts.

We at Shah Patel Shukla & Associates will help you to gain the Government Subsidy and Tax Exemptions, which you have rights to get from the government. After all it’s your i.e. taxpayer’s money. You don’t need to beg your own money back from the government, nor do you need to pay bribes to get your subsidy. All you have to do is; get in touch with one of our Best Government Subsidy Consultant in Ahmedabad. Alternatively, if your company is still not registered/incorporated, and if you are facing limited budget issues; in that case also the government subsidy can be availed. This will reduce your financial burden and solve your problem related to limited budget. Our company can deliver you dual services i.e. Company Formation in Ahmedabad + Government Subsidy Consultant in Ahmedabad.

However, this doesn’t end here. When a new company is incorporated, the entrepreneurs, management team or executive team are all unaware of the rules and regulations related to corporate governance. In corporate companies (also known as incorporation), the accurate and proper governance is a must in order for the smooth functioning of the company. But not to worry, we at Shah Patel Shukla & Associates also deliver Corporate Governance Services in Ahmedabad. Our services related to Company Formation in Ahmedabad also include the option to subscribe for Corporate Governance Services in Ahmedabad. Along with the corporate governance, our professional accountants can also help you with all your company’s accounting related requirements, our Chartered Accountants can handle all your company audit related requirements and our lawyers can help you to manage the legal problems related to your firm.

Our services include :

  Periodic monitoring through internal audit.
  Independent audit.
  Independent verification.
  Effective Supervision.
  Sufficient number of Independent directors on the Board.
  Company Formation in Ahmedabad of an independent audit committee for the board.
  Adequate disclosure and transparency in reports
  Participation in board meetings.

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